Migrating from CartPop v1 to v2

On June 10th, CartPop v1 became legacy CartPop with CartPop v2 replacing it. Due to technical limitations, a brand new CartPop had to be created as a sales channel app in order to help facilitate furthering our feature set as a payment links platform for Shopify.

Starting on July 1, 2022 CartPop v1 (legacy) will crease to work and all existing links on that app will be disabled. You must be on CartPop v2 by June 30th to avoid any disruptions.

Migrating from v1 to v2

1. First uninstall v1 from your store.

2. Install CartPop v2 on to your store.

3. Navigate to Settings > Sales channels. Then click on "View details" and ensure the app's payment links are setup as /a/cart under "proxy url" or you might have issues with your links:

4. All links created and edited prior to June 10 have been migrated over. Any links created or edited on June 10 and after will not exist on CartPop v2 and must be recreated.

Differences between v1 and v1

  • v2 is a sales channel so products MUST be enabled for CartPop or a customer will be unable to purchase them.
  • v2 no longer supports redirecting a link to a cart as it acts as a sales channel so link carts as separate from the online store.
  • v2 now includes the ability to create reorder links to increase your customer's life time value with your store.
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