Billing plans

CartPop has unlimited usage across all subscription tiers. The different between subscription tiers are the features included

CartPop Free

A free plan that offers a link builder for Shopify's native cart permalinks. This plan is great for easily building out checkout links but does not include any of the more advanced functionality CartPop has to offer including link analytics, saved links, vanity links, dynamic payment links, support for subscription products, line item properties, and reorder links. 

CartPop Stater

Our cheapest paid plan called Starter offers the ability to save an unlimited number of payment links. It also includes support for subscription products, line item properties, vanity links, and link analytics. Pricing is $11.99/mo or $131.89 per year.

The Starter plan does not include support for dynamic payment links nor reorder links.

CartPop Growth

Our most popular paid plan called Growth offers the ability to everything in the Starter plan as well as create dynamic payment links and reorder links. Pricing is $29.99/mo or $329.89 per year.

All features on CartPop are included on this plan.

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