Automatically tag CartPop orders using Shopify Flow

If your Shopify store is on the Advanced plan or higher, you can easily leverage Shopify Flow to automatically tag any order containing one or more products from CartPop.

1. Create a new blank Shopify Flow workflow named " Tag CartPop Orders" and select "Order created" as the starting trigger:

2. Then select condition as the output:

3. Click " Add criteria" and select Order > lineItems > customAttributes > key:

4. Enter _cartpop for the key. This will ensure the trigger criteria passes whenever an order with one or more products added by cartpop

5. Then select action:

6. Then select " Order tag":

7. Then enter any tag such as " CartPop Link":

8. Then just turn on the workflow and you'll soon see orders placed with CartPop links show with your order tag:

9. Note, using Shopify's native checkout links will not work. You must use either a link alias or dynamic link. This means you must be leveraging the Pro subscription plan. 

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