Dynamic links

Klaviyo and CartPop work extremely well together. Using CartPop's dynamic links and Klaviyo replenishment flows, you can easily add any product to a customer's cart and redirect them straight to checkout

Link Structure

Simply pass in the variant id, quantity, and optional selling plan id for subscriptions and you can provide customers a one click checkout experience. The url for your store is https://www.Store.com/a/cart?. For example, Store.com/a/cart?products=12345678901:1. If you are unsure of a product's variant id, you can use the built in dynamic link generator:

Supported Url Parameters

  • Products=
  • Discount=
  • Email=
  • Payment=shop_pay
  • To=checkout (Accepted values: checkout / cart / lander. Defaults to checkout.
  • Clear=true (Accepted values: true / false. Defaults to true)

If you require an additional url parameter, please let us know and we'll consider adding it.

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